Screen Printing

Screen Printed apparel is an incredibly effective way to showcase your brand or message, and is a great option for a variety of events or applications, such as: charity fun run races, festivals, sports teams, or for on-boarding welcome kits for company new hires.  Screen Printing is versatile, durable, cost-efficient and high quality, making it the most popular method of printing in a variety of commercial and retail applications.

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Gekko Print Solutions believes a quality result begins with understanding a client’s intent, and can provide end-to-end services from Design to Delivery, or execute on ‘Ready to Print’ projects.


Embroidered apparel or products create super effective brand recognition. The more your logo is seen on promotional materials, the more people will also recognize and associate your company with their purchasing decisions, and embroidery presents a professional and classy association with your brand.

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Gekko Print Solutions offers hundreds of items that can be embroidered, including: golf or polo style shirts, jackets, bags, hats, re-useable totes or blankets. We offer only the highest quality and professional embroidery services, as expected for this category. Whether your needs are for a professional office, car dealership, real estate firm or sales team, we can address your embroidery needs.

100% Recycled

Plastic pollution is a big problem for human and environmental health, and your organization can help with the solution!

We are proud to offer a large line of 100% recycled apparel and accessories, through our relationship with Recover Brands. Recover Brands has a line of products is made entirely from 100% recycled plastic. This process turns post-consumer plastic bottles into yarn, which is woven into apparel.

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Your custom design can be printed onto this 100% recycled fabric to present a beautiful and eco-friendly message to the world.
Since 2010, the Recover Brand apparel has:

  • Diverted 10.98 million plastic bottles from the landfill
  • Saved 40.82 million KWH of energy
  • Saved 16.61 million lbs of CO2 emissions, and
  • Saved 2.86 billion gallons of water.

Learn more about the impact Recover products have had on communities around world and the importance to support sustainability and address pollution and climate change. Your order truly makes an impact!