Rigid Sign Material

Signage can be created using a wide range of rigid materials and formats that all deliver different effects to make brands shine and their messages stand out. Gekko Print Solutions takes a consultative approach with clients to start every project to recommend different options to optimize their brand image. 

Some featured materials and formats we recommend include:


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), also commonly known as Dibond, is made from two thin coil-coated aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core (polyethylene or foam). It’s a superb material that is flexible, durable, and offers a contemporary look and feel, great for temporary boarded fence areas (site hoarding).


Acrylic sheeting is a tough, transparent, versatile thermoplastic used in many applications, particularly in visual communications, design, and architecture. Acrylic is very resistant to shock, flexing, scratching, and weathering. It comes in many colors and finishes and is totally recyclable.


Also known as fluted, or corrugated, polypropylene board, Correx is an inexpensive and efficient way to produce temporary signs or displays. Correx is fully recyclable and is used a lot for outdoor signs such as estate agents’ boards.


A versatile, lightweight PVC foam sheet, Foamcore/Foamex is durable and easy to cut and shape. This material also has low water absorption, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and comes in a range of colors, and is a popular material for signage and displays.


Polystyrene is a lightweight plastic product used primarily for indoor or temporary outdoor signage. This durable material is ideal as cost-effective signage and is very similar to PVC and corrugated plastic. Thinner gauges of styrene are translucent and therefore are not recommended for double-sided signage. Common uses include Point-of-Purchase, ceiling danglers, or countertop displays.

Stainless Steel

Strong, durable, and versatile, this long-established construction material is highly resistant to corrosion. We use steel mainly for architectural and industrial signage, but stainless-steel fret-cut letters add an eye-catching element to signs and hoarding applications.

Large Format Materials

Large Format printing adds longevity and permanency to ongoing promotional activity. It also reinforces your message across multiple channels. Giving your customers the opportunity to see repeated marketing messages, encourages them to remember and act.  The Rule of Seven states, “A customer needs to see your message seven times before they will take action.”  

Large Format printing can be a impactful part of your business’ marketing mix, along with other traditional and non-traditional mediums to optimize effectiveness and ROI.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners, wallpaper, floor graphics, laminating and mounting, pop-up displays and more. The most obvious advantage of vinyl banners is durability: Weather, wind and tear resistant makes them the perfect choice for outdoor use.

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated Vinyl is used for wind-mesh banners, or building window wraps. Tiny holes avoid wind damage for banners, and provide stunning displays of your brand on window wraps. It’s a fantastic, versatile format.

Vehicle Wraps

Wrap your ride with a high-quality Vehicle Wrap. Choose from 80+ exotic colors, finishes and brands for a complete make-over of your car, truck or SUV to best represent your brand. Partial wraps on your trunk, roof, hood, and more are also options.

Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps create bright, colorful and creative branding. They are adhesive and apply directly to interior or exterior walls of any type. We offer the complete solution, from project design and production to full application onto any space.